SymbolKit is a fantastic icon library that has been forked from the incredible Iconoir (opens in a new tab). We are incredibly grateful to Luca Burgio (opens in a new tab) and all the Iconoir contributors (opens in a new tab) for their dedication and hard work in creating such an amazing resource for designers and developers worldwide.

The original Iconoir icon library has served as a foundation for SymbolKit, and we acknowledge and appreciate all the contributions that went into it. Without the tireless efforts and commitment of Luca Burgio and the Iconoir contributors, SymbolKit would not have been possible.

We are thankful for the outstanding work that has been done to create Iconoir, which has inspired and enabled the creation of SymbolKit. It is an invaluable resource for the design community, and we are honored to be able to build upon its foundation with SymbolKit.

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