Sunyata is a commercial operating system specifically designed to meet real-world requirements. It efficiently manages system resources such as processors, storage, networking, memory, and power to optimize performance across diverse platforms, devices, and architectures.

CI/CD Testing

Every iteration of Sunyata is improved from the last, each release of Sunyata is heavily regulated. Everytime an iteration of Sunyata is completed, it is benchmarked against the prior.

Asynchronous Communication

Sunyata uses asynchronous communication by allowing the sender to proceed without waiting for the receiver - which greatly reduces latency.

Flexible Scheduling

Sunyata enhances the system scheduler with increased choices, enabling it to optimize for power, latency, or throughput based on the current requirements and circumstances.

General Flexibility & Efficiency

Sunyata maximizes program performance to match the capabilities of the hardware it runs on. It is specifically designed to provide developers with the necessary flexibility and efficiency.

Last updated on 12 May 2023