Overview of Sunyata

Sunyata, also known as Śūnyatā, is a philosophy that explores the concept of voidness, which underlies our reality. It is often translated as "vacuity," "voidness," or "emptiness," and it ultimately expresses the idea that our reality arises from nothingness.

The kernel which powers Sunyata is Rupa, an extremely minimalistic kernel, created by the people at Nevuqe, which deviates from most modern kernels - it is neither based on Linux nor FreeBSD. Rupa deviates from Unix's standard rules, which ultimately leads to a more simplified kernel and operating system. As a microkernel, Rupa offers exceptional security, performance, and resilience.

Sunyata is a brilliant framework for an exceptional operating system, which will ultimately empower creatives, professionals, and those who need their work done.

Sunyata natively supports all Linux, FreeBSD, and Android applications and services.

Last updated on 12 May 2023