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Security at Nevuqe

Nevuqe prioritizes the security of our community and products. As such, we follow a strict security process and do not disclose, discuss, or confirm security issues until our investigation is complete and necessary updates are available.

After addressing security vulnerabilities, Nevuqe will begin documenting them.

Reporting a Vulnerability to Nevuqe

To report a security or privacy vulnerability in a Nevuqe project, please send an email to

We welcome reports from everyone, including security researchers, developers, and users. Please include the specific project and software version(s) you believe are affected, a detailed description of the observed behavior, expected behavior, and a numbered list of steps required to reproduce the issue and/or a video demonstration, if the steps may be hard to follow.

Please use Nevuqe’s PGP key to encrypt sensitive information that you send by email.

You’ll receive an email reply to acknowledge that we received your report, and that we’ll contact you if we need more information.

Last updated on 3 April 2023